Ruthie Ridley + Home Depot

Home Depot teamed up with fashion blogger Ruthie Ridley and asked me to create a branded film that focused on Ruthie's appliance purchase with her family.  I knew I wanted to capture a fun-filled experience that highlighted Home Depot's ease of shopping mixed with Ruthie's passion for fashion.  The film was part of a bigger campaign for Instagram and Facebook.  Here's the final result!

Ruthie Ridley | Instagram Collaboration

In collaboration with L'Occitane and fashion blogger Ruthie Ridley, I was asked to shoot and direct a 60 second custom Instagram spot for their respected brands.  In keeping with Ruthie's light and airy brand, we wanted to naturally highlight her use of the L'Occitane summer collection product. 

The Lipstick Giraffe + VSP

In collaboration with Katchet Jackson-Henderson (@thelipstickgiraffe) and VSP, we looked at how Kachet has used VSP in the past to choose her glasses.  It's just a normal morning routine that naturally highlights the importance of Kachet's eyewear to her everyday work and also the convenience of VSP online and mobile services.  Final campaign was delivered for Instagram as well as her blog.